It’s time to comply with AODA

Why is Accessibility important?

Accessibility is good for both the economy and the community. Read more about the different types of disabilities, how the improved standard of living and population growth resulted in an increase of disabled people and why digital accessibility is important. Simply put, it is all about inclusiveness, and a way to ensure that no one is excluded. If your application isn’t accessible, then you are creating additional barriers for your users with disabilities.

It’s time to comply with AODA

  • Businesses or Non-Profits with 20 or more employees
  • Public sector organizations
  • Municipalities
  • Educational Institutions (Colleges, Universities, and Schools)
  • Producers of Educational Material (Textbooks)
  • Library boards

What does it mean for Digital Accessibility?

The legislation mandates any new or significantly refreshed public websites for organizations listed in the previous section. The webpage content including text, images, forms, and sounds should all be accessible and conform to the WCAG 2.0 level AA. Only exceptions to this rule being live captions and pre-recorded audio descriptions for media.



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Siva Ganesan ~ Testing Chief

Siva Ganesan ~ Testing Chief


Hardcore Software Tester! An advocate for enhancing quality in software using Test Automation.